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Church at 1628 West Market Street, Louisville, KY 40203

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  • I've been going to this church for 15 years and it's always been amazing! The thing I love most is the love and diversity there. It's a church full of mixed races and EVERYONE loves each other. The minute you walk in, whether you're a member or a visitor, you're going to be loved on. Don't be afraid to hug and shake hands because from the time you arrive to the time you leave, you will have done both at least a dozen times. Lol the music is ALWAYS on point! The praise and worship singers are great. The musicians are great. And you can really see the passion from each member as they sing and play. One of the highlights of the service is praise and worship which usually takes place at the beginning of the service. They really know how to show their love for God. They lift their hands. They dance. They cry. They may even sit in silence during worship. Just whatever they feel lead to do. And the whole church joins in on the songs and will praise and worship as well. The pastor!? AWESOME! He's young and vibrant but preaches/teaches in such a way that everyone can understand, relate, and apply the message to their own life. They also have a very successful students ministry. They have a great nursery staff that works with newborn to pre-k as well as a team that works with school aged children and a team that works with teenagers. There's even something for the young adults, married couples, and singles. Often, these individual groups will get together outside of the church services and hang out, spend time together, and show love to one another. This church is the definition of the phrase "church doesn't have to be boring". There's something for everyone and they're always thinking of new ways to keep people engaged and ways to show people the true love of Christ while teaching them how to grow their own personal relationship with God. This church also gets very involved in the community. They have health fairs, back-to-school events and backpack giveaways, just to name a few. I recommend this church to anyone who is looking for a place where the truth will be preached, where you will be challenged to pursue God for yourself, and where the people around you will show you they genuinely love and care about you simply because that's what Jesus would do! And guess what!? You don't have to be in your Sunday's best. You can get fancy and dress up or you can come in jeans and a t-shirt, you'll be welcomed and loved either way!

    Added March 28, 2017 by Cierra Richmond
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